TAU Visual Prize

The Pandillas de Chiapas project was published in book Premiofotografico, the book of the second edition of PremioFotografico: a book of 579 pages, hundreds of images, size 15x21cm bound in hard back. The book is distributed free to advertising agencies, media groups, agents, gallery owners and critics, as well as the winners placed in categories: authors who have had a placement (winners of the 5 areas, authors placed 1, 2 and 3 in 20 categories , and 1, 2 and 3 in the “new proposals”)


Road to Pacific coast

Road to pacific coast second part. These are the only directions that Google Maps can provide to reach the Pacific coast from the capital of Chiapas, Tuxtla Gutierrez.

Not possible to calculate driving directions between Tuxtla Gutièrrez and Tonalà

Use these directions for planning purposes only. Road conditions may differ from the map results due to construction projects, traffic, weather or other events. Plan your route by considering these factors. Respect road signs



Ejercito de Dios

Ejército de Dios, an organization founded in Chiapas in 2006 as a political-military affiliated with the National Confederation of Farmers, in early August 2009. Its goal is to defend the evangelicals who suffer injustice in the territory and promote sustainable development of the poorest communities in the region. Although its leaders say they haven’t weapons except the Bible is the Word of God, some believe that the organization as a “paramilitary group” expansion and with “allies”, supported by the State Government Juan Sabines.


Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre has identified itself with popular culture to the point of giving into the ring legend and all, the fighters that have written the history of this sport don’t represent a psychedelic figure, the mask represents the character of the fighter drawing a profile of true heroes. The pay stinks, the pace is exhausting, the spectacular takings body to body simulate a perfect theatrical work. The Free Fight is considered as the 1° sport of Mexico spread in the whole Latin America, behind the great history of the “Lucha Libre”  there’s the life of the fighters,  men and women heroes of the sport and in the life.

La Lucha Libre Messicana giunge al suo 75° anniversario grazie ad una piena identificazione nella cultura popolare a tal punto che la stessa si riflette sul ring durante i combattimenti. I lottatori che hanno scritto la storia di questo sport non rappresentano una figura psichedelica ma per l’immaginario collettivo quella di veri e propri eroi. La paga è minima, gli allenamenti estenuanti, le spettacolari prese corpo a corpo simulano una perfetta opera teatrale. La Lucha Libre è considerato come il 1° sport rappresentativo del Messico esteso in tutto il Latino America, dietro la grande storia della Lucha Libre c’e la vita dei lottatori, degli atleti, uomini e donne eroi nello sport e nella vita.