La Bestia

This is my personal journey on a freight train called “La Bestia” with migrants through in the south Mexico along the state of Tabasco and Chiapas.
Every day hundreds of undocumented migrants from Central America hop on the infamous Mexican cargo train trying to reach the United States. Along this extremely dangerous route migrants are regularly assaulted, blackmailed, kidnapped, raped and even thrown from moving trains.

free ON three/ book trailer

These Italians teenagers use a legendary Italian transport called “APE Piaggio” like a car.

The “Ape Piaggio” was born in 1948 when Italy was still devastated by war, the lack means of transport was evident but many could not afford to buy a four-wheel.

Piaggio came the idea of building a commercial vehicle on three wheels ( bike+van) derived from a scooter, the first model was built from Vespa.
Even today, the Ape is for Italian teenagers a precocious desire to have a car as their older friends.

Change look, customizing appearance, sometimes the power of the engine, represents the final stage of their adolescence; defy the gravity laws running on three wheels above the speed limit, it’s essential to obtain a status symbol.

Rapida Food

In Mexico there are many varieties of snacks that are available at any time day or night. They call it “Comida Callejera” (Street Food) and it is sold by street vendors, often from a portable makeshift stall. Comida Callejera is meant as a fast and convenient finger food that is more affordable than a typical restaurant or supermarket.Although some of the offerings span entire regions and others the entire country much of the street food culture in Mexico is based on local dishes and have not spread beyond their places of origin.

Fighter’s Life

Lucha Libre has identified itself with popular culture to the point of giving into the ring legend and all, the fighters that have written the history of this sport don’t represent a psychedelic figure, the mask represents the character of the fighter drawing a profile of true heroes. The pay stinks, the pace is exhausting, the spectacular takings body to body simulate a perfect theatrical work. The Free Fight is considered as the 1° sport of Mexico spread in the whole Latin America, behind the great history of the “Lucha Libre” there’s the life of the fighters, men and women heroes of the sport and in the life.