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on assignment photos for the new  TM Italia catalogue


Concept :Sartorial “Tailored Kitchen Manufacturing”

The new, hand-sewn catalogue ties together a selection of TM Italia’s idea of Italian know-how to the public.

The design of the cover and its features convey the exclusivity and uniqueness of our projects, cut and sewn to measure with attention to every detail, studying and unearthing the best materials.
Gmund 3 paper embellished with low-relief silver foil typefaces, textured paper and cotton canvas: page after page, a careful selection of images portray handcrafted, made-to-measure solutions that combine quality, technological innovation and research.

These qualities can be found in the production of this completely hand-bound catalogue, which is reminiscent of the work of the craftsmen who carefully mould materials and shapes, giving life to readily recognisable creations, signed with pride by people who have spent their lives creating unique projects.



Il nuovo catalogo, con un filo cucito a mano, lega una selezione delle creazioni al fine di mostrare al pubblico il modo in cui TM Italia interpreta il saper fare italiano.

L’ideazione della copertina e i particolari della sua realizzazione raccontano l’esclusività e l’unicità dei progetti, tagliati e cuciti su misura prestando attenzione a ogni dettaglio, studiando e ricercando i migliori materiali.
Carta Gmund 3 impreziosita da bassorilievo con caratteri tipografici in lamina argento, carte materiche, tela di cotone: pagina dopo pagina, una accurata selezione di immagini presenta soluzioni made-to-measure completamente artigianali che coniugano qualità, innovazione tecnologica e ricerca.

Qualità che ritroviamo nella realizzazione di questo catalogo, completamente rilegato a mano a voler richiamare il lavoro degli artigiani che modellano con cura materiali e linee, dando vita a creazioni sempre riconoscibili, marchiate con l’orgoglio di chi da sempre realizza progetti unici.


Dummy Exhibition Madrid





ph by iedphotography Madrid

A la vez que PhotoEspaña 2015, IED Madrid acoge “Dummy Exhibition”, una exposición de 50 maquetas de fotolibros seleccionadas en el Photobook Festival de Kassel.

Esta exposición empieza su ruta en Madrid y sera expuesta a continuación en Atenas, Colonia o Paris.

El Photobook Dummy Award empezó en 2009 con el objetivo de hacer que los fotógrafos trabajaran en el formato del libro. La maqueta es el primer paso para producir un fotolibro, donde el fotógrafo se enfrenta a otros aspectos como el papel, el tamaño o la tipografía.

During PHotoEspaña’s week of celebration for the photobook, IED Madrid hosts the Dummy Exhibition, a showcase of the 50 shortlisted photo books at the International Photobook Festival of Kassel.

More than 40 dummies brought from different parts of the world made their first stop at IED Madrid to be next exhibited in Athens, Cologne or Paris the upcoming months.  The winner and finalists of this edition, “Home Instruction Manual” by Jan McCullough; “White Fang” by Kumiko Motoki and “Amateure – Liebhaber der Fotografie” by Oliver Blobel, are also some of our favorites, but it’s difficult to choose only a few. Andreas Müller- Pohle and Martin Parr, teachers of the European Master of Fine Art Photography were in the Jury this year.


The 2015 shortlisted dummies will be exhibited at:
Fotobookfestival, Kassel: June 4-7
Fotoleggendo, Rome: June 5-27
IED, Madrid: June 10-19
PhotoIreland, Dublin: July 1-31
Kaunas Photo, Kaunas: Sept 1-6
Fotobok Festival, Fotogalleriet, Oslo: Sept 11-20
Encontros da Imagem, Braga: Sept 15-31
Fotobok Gbg 15, Göteborg: Sept 24-27
Fotoistanbul, Istanbul: Oct 9-Nov 8



ph Kassel Fotobookfestival

375 photobooks from all over the world were entered for the 2015 International Photobook Dummy Award. The overall quality is again astonishing and amazing and the books are getting more and more perfect in quality and style. We are very excited to announce the shortlist-selection of our jury. 50 photobooks were chosen by Katja Stuke (Böhm/Koboyashi), Jeffrey Ladd (Photographer), Dieter Neubert (Fotobookfestival Kassel), Markus Schaden (ThePhotoBookMuseum), Frederic Lezmi (ThePhotoBookMuseum), Tina Schelhorn (Galerie Lichtblick, Cologne; Curator at Kolga Tbilisi Photo Meeting), Wolfgang Zurborn (Photographer, Galerie Lichtblick, Cologne) and Richard Reisen (Kettler Publishing, k-books).

In 2015 the 50 shortlisted books will be exhibited at international photo events in Kassel, Gotenburg, Dublin, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Rome and more international exhibition places.

Galleria Ceribelli

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La Galleria Ceribelli, che già in passato ha ospitato fotografi di fama internazionale, propone Photographers, una mostra collettiva.

Non c’è un tema comune, in mostra un variegato panorama di progetti fotografici che rivela quanto simili siano le ricerche alla base, espresse poi attraverso linguaggi differenti.

L’idea nasce dall’incontro di tre giovani figure professionali: la gallerista, Adele Ceribelli, la curatrice, Alice Giacometti e la fotografa, Francesca Ferrandi

Nel posto in cui vivo (Deaphoto 2015)

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Distratti dal desiderio di realizzare documentazioni in luoghi remoti, sostenendo spesso elevati costi di produzione, trascuriamo le potenzialità del nostro territorio e le storie nascoste nel posto in cui viviamo. Il segreto è cambiare marcia, rallentare, affidarsi a strumenti essenziali per ampliare la propria capacità visiva.

Ecco il risultato dei partecipanti

documentary platform

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Free on Three the editorial project on documentaryplatform

Adolescence is generally a rather traumatic time of life. In the passage from the children’s dimension to the adults’ one conflicts between ways and habits related to these different phases of life arise and cannot be avoided . The stage of imitation, that proved so important during the first months and years of life, comes powerfully up again. New models are chosen, one’s entry to adult life is rehearsed. These attitudes cannot help referring mostly to the outer visible aspects of the chosen pattern. Girls start imitating women in make-up and a more specific focus on clothing. At the same time boys, not interested on make- up and clothing in the same way, try integrating with the adults’ world by acquiring smokers’ rituality and gestures. But soon this doesn’t seem enough at all. While the coming- of- age is approaching, the centre of gravity shifts to solid symbols, better if connected to the ownership of a transport means
The story told in this book revolves precisely around the passage of teen agers living in the Marques-center of Italy- inland, (not a fundamental detail, though) in search of grown-up life.
In this society, where, right or wrong, success is identified with outward tokens, engines still are still incredibly fascinating. But, aside from young peoples’ financial capabilities for the purchase of a car, the law puts forward an insuperable obstacle: the legal age. This won’t stop the dream being fed. In order to keep this dream alive, means of transport designed for completely different working needs may be rejuvenated. Some vehicles suit this purpose better. Such is the case for Ape, the historical three-wheeled light van produced by Piaggio. Born in the post WWII period, from the transformation of a Vespa motorcycle into a small transport vehicle, Apetto (as teen agers in the Ascoli area tenderly call it) had been planned for specific purposes. The country needed to carry the goods a newly (re)born economy was producing. In most cases people who had goods to carry could not afford an expensive four-wheeled vehicle.
Why do teen-agers belonging to the second decade of the XXIst Century still prefer the Apecar van? Because it has up to now been a rather inexpensive solution, in order to show off to the world a means of transport similar to grown-ups’s cars. On the other hand Apetto claims several peculiarities distinguishing it completely from a motor scooter. Its driver’s cabin and body may be modified and customized to make them unique and to correspond to its owner’s personality. Car tuning, widespread among older boys, who keep transforming their cars both in body and in engine, is much easier to carry out on an Ape van than on a motor bike.
Sandro Iovine



A cura di Davide Giglio


La mostra “Light the Lightness” è un nuovo progetto del festival ParaPhotò all’interno di Paratissima 10 che coinvolge 18 artisti selezionati tra i partecipanti all’omonima Open Call for Artists ideata dal curatore Davide Giglio per stimolare una nuova ricerca estetica che vuole generare nell’animo dello spettatore uno stato di benessere, leggerezza, armonia e meraviglia.


La mostra organizzata da VISUAL Scuola di Fotografia di Torino in collaborazione con Paratissima e il laboratorio Arte & Cornici, presenta fotografie in cui la chiave di lettura va oltre a una semplice raffigurazione della “bellezza”, ma tenta a dar vita a una poetica fatta di ironia, grazia, positività e che, andando nel profondo delle cose consenta di pensare, riflettere ed emozionarsi.


Gli artisti presenti sono Guido Harari, Giovanni Ruggeri e G. Demma, Suzanne Moxhay, Mauro Corinti, Federica Valabrega, Dario Apostoli, Lala Meredith Vula, Andrea Demori, Alberto Fanelli, Marcella Gallotta, Roberto Cifarelli, Simona Bertolotto, Ernesto Notarantonio, Daniela Foresto, Gian Luca Groppi, Fabrizio Bocchino, Maurizio Godot Villani e Luca Costanzo.




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