Ape/Car instagram

This is my new project, for now called “Apecar”.
These young Italians, use this legendary Italian transport called “APE Piaggio” like a car.

The first sighting of Apecar took place on May 2012.

The “Ape Piaggio” was born in 1948, when Italy was still devastated by war. The lack means of transport was evident, but many could not afford to buy a four-wheel. Piaggio came the idea of ​​building a commercial vehicle on three wheels ( bike+van) derived from a scooter. The first model was built from Vespa.
Even today, the Ape is for Italian teenagers a precocious desire to have a car, as their older friends. Change look, customizing appearance, sometimes the power of the engine, represents the final stage of their adolescence; defy the gravity laws running on three wheels above the speed limit, it’s essential to obtain a status symbol.

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