urbanautica awards 2018

Discover the 30 artists and photographers selected by Urbanautica Institute Awards 2018 for the annual Magazine. Our first ever Awards contest rewarded authors who have distinguished themselves with the high quality of their research, the ability to convey meaningful messages with their work, the strength to go deeper on those issues most important to society, and who open the language and the narrative form to other perspectives. Thanks to the numerous participants who have made our decisions difficult and helped us to fulfill our mission, stimulating a critical reading of images, and fostering a better knowledge of the world and of photographic grammar. Through our channels, we will keep sharing the many interesting contributions received.



A special mention goes to Mauro Corinti for investigating the place of belonging and the concept of right distance to observe the land dear to Italo Calvino.

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Anomalie tracce e percorsi

Magazzini UTO di Macerata 24 Giugno 2018

Poi dimentico che c’รจ un muro. Anomalie: tracce e percorsi, evento che segna la conclusione del lungo progetto #Anomalie che ci ha visti impegnati sin dallo scorso anno nel far conoscere e promuovere la storia e le storie legate all’ex ospedale psichiatrico Santa Croce, oggi luogo a rischio di totale abbandono. La mostra presenta per la prima volta l’indagine fotografica condotta da Mauro Corinti negli spazi del manicomio maceratese nel corso del progetto On_the_spot//Anomalie dello scorso settembre.


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