La Bestia

This is my personal journey on a freight train called “La Bestia” with migrants through in the south Mexico along the state of Tabasco and Chiapas.
Every day hundreds of undocumented migrants from Central America hop on the infamous Mexican cargo train trying to reach the United States. Along this extremely dangerous route migrants are regularly assaulted, blackmailed, kidnapped, raped and even thrown from moving trains.

Our Lady of Tepeyac

Our Lady of Tepeyac on Colors Lab

Recently read an article about the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, which made ​​me think.

Other complementary pilgrimages in honor of the Virgin, are the sacrifices that the faithful do, like running barefoot to the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

This is something that comes from ancient traditions and the indigenous peoples who today are traditionally or simply,  because it’s a way how people are grateful to favors received.
Pilgrimages around the country starting in October 12 to December 12, the day that marks the appearance of the Virgin.

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe is the only Madonna to have been used as a flag by revolutionary army, and also is probably one Aztec deity under a false name.


Do you think that the arrangement of the stars on the dress is casual?

Oh no, it’s the stars position that was in December 12, 1531 in Mexico City!

Who is really  this sacred figure?

We are sure that Guadalupe Isn’t Tonantzin?

We are the true Aztecs?

All the answers in this interesting article