Rapida Food

In Mexico there are many varieties of snacks that are available at any time day or night. They call it “Comida Callejera” (Street Food) and it is sold by street vendors, often from a portable makeshift stall. Comida Callejera is meant as a fast and convenient finger food that is more affordable than a typical restaurant or supermarket.Although some of the offerings span entire regions and others the entire country much of the street food culture in Mexico is based on local dishes and have not spread beyond their places of origin.

The Chain

Mauro took part last project curated by Pilkington, responded to the title set by Matt Eich:

‘The Chain’ is the latest project curated by Stuart Pilkington, (curator of The Alphabet Project What is England? and the 50 States Project).

Stuart invited 107 photographers from around the globe to participate in the project at the beginning of 2011.

And in February 2011 each photographer submitted a title/instruction to inspire a photograph by another person in the project. The photographers were connected like links in a chain. They were asked to respond to the title set by the person directly behind them. The title they set was directed to the photographer directly in front of them.

For example, Elizabeth Gordon responded to the title set by Andrea Chu. Hiroshi Watanabe responded to the title set by Elizabeth Gordon. Harry Borden responded to the title set by Hiroshi Watanabe. And so on and so on.

By 18th June 2011 all 107 photographers submitted their photographs and at the end of June all the images were published on the Chain website. Please click here to see all the images that have been submitted.