PARATISSIMA 2010, From 3 to 7 November, San Salvario – TURIN- Italy

For the sixth consecutive year, Gruppo Para, in collaboration with the association Ylda, is organising a collective exhibition for young artists one of the main events of “Contemporary Art”. Paratissima 2010 will take place from 3 to 7 November, and like the previous year, will be hosted in the San Salvario quarter of Turin.

The sixth edition of Paratissima, the “happening” exhibition of contemporary art, is dedicated to analogies between the kitchen, the “laboratory” of the house and the multiethnic area of San Salvario.
Just as the kitchen is an area for discovering new pleasures as well as the conservation and preparation of food, so San Salvario is the location for creative and artisan activities and the forms a framework for emerging talent.

In 2009, Paratissima came of age, 375 artists, 76 events, 39 private sponsors and 69 businesses of San Salvario were involved, to which must be added 43 non-commercial spaces transformed into locations for exhibitions. The number of visitors was estimated at 40,000.

This year, Paratissima 2010 will again repeat its role as the alternative event to ARTissima, offering a place for young talent, artists not yet established, to exhibit, spiced up with DJ sets, food, drink and live performances. Paratissima utilises various locations in San Salvario, from local bars, businesses and appartments to public spaces. The artists, from around the world, can exhibit their own work with the sole condition that they respect their host location.

Given the nature of the event, its aims, participants and regional collaboration, it will be supported by the Region of Piemonte, the City of Torino and Circoscrizione 8 (the quarter of San Salvario), it forms part of the calendar of Contemporary Arts Torino Piemonte and the Torino Youth European Capital, and is also assisted by the Camera di Commercio, by the Fondazione per l’Arte della FCRT, the Compagnia di San Paolo and by various private sponsors.

For the sample, we have the following artists who have participated in Revelados with their respective series:

Alicia Mesonero-Romanos, Ana Carla Martínez, Jesús Calero, Patricia Arnaiz, Alejandro Corbí, Frano Prochazka, Lorenzo Anceschi, Silvana Scuisatto, Luz Momediano, Laura F. Izuzquiza, Francesca Anita Modotti , Tito Gargamelli, Álvaro Leco, Manuel de Teresa, EzioD’Agostini, Mauro Corinti, Thomas Marroni, Alessandro Fascini, Laura Chacón, Marta Anglada, Aëla Labbé, Joana Queiroz, Massimiliano Perasso, Debora Barnaba.

TAU Visual Prize

The Pandillas de Chiapas project was published in book Premiofotografico, the book of the second edition of PremioFotografico: a book of 579 pages, hundreds of images, size 15x21cm bound in hard back. The book is distributed free to advertising agencies, media groups, agents, gallery owners and critics, as well as the winners placed in categories: authors who have had a placement (winners of the 5 areas, authors placed 1, 2 and 3 in 20 categories , and 1, 2 and 3 in the “new proposals”)


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